Endeavor Entrepreneur Experience Vietnam Tour 2023 – Game & Blockchain

In recent years, gaming technology has opened up plenty of opportunities, revolutionizing the way we interact with games and creating new avenues for innovation. To explore this dynamic landscape, Endeavor Vietnam is thrilled to present the Entrepreneur Experience Vietnam Tour 2023 which delves into the market opportunities, prospects and the crucial aspects of leadership and talent management in the game and blockchain industry.

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A Journey Through Vietnam’s Gaming Evolution

Embark on a journey through Vietnam’s gaming evolution with us. Uncover pivotal historical moments that shape its present and future. Led by the Vietnam Game Developers Association, we’ll illuminate the drivers of rapid industry growth — economic, technological, and cultural. Discover emerging trends, untapped niches, and envision the industry’s horizon. Armed with foresight, you’ll make informed decisions and seize opportunities ahead of the curve. Join us and be inspired by the thriving world of Vietnamese gaming. 

Speaker: Vietnam Game Developers Association 

Panel 1: Shaping the Future of Games

As the game industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Our visionary founders will share their insights on the future of gaming, including the integration of blockchain technology and its disruptive potential. We’ll explore groundbreaking innovations such as decentralized gaming platforms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and virtual economies powered by Web3. By understanding these cutting-edge advancements, we can anticipate the future trends that will shape the industry.

Panel 2: Blockchain Space: What’s Next?

Vietnam emerged as one of the most active crypto trading communities in the world in the last blockchain growth cycle. It also nurtures startups and talents who are fascinated by building and creating blockchain-based communities. As the winter sets in, some of the strongest and most resilient startups in the space are continuing to build their base, products, and services in this space. We converge the top entrepreneurs in blockchain in Vietnam, who share their vision and update their development on the applications of blockchain technology.  

Panel 3: Nurturing Leadership and Talent in Game Creation

Creating successful games requires more than technical expertise; it demands effective leadership and talent management. Our panel of industry veterans will delve into the critical aspects of building and leading game development teams. We’ll discuss fostering creativity, cultivating a sustainable talent pool, and overcoming the challenges inherent in game creation. Valuable insights on team dynamics, project management, and fostering innovation will be shared, providing a roadmap for success.

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