[VIDEO] Vietnam Tech Talent Network – Fireside chat with Thuan Pham, CTO of Coupang

August 27,2021

In a fast-growing tech company, the engineering team may feel disconnected from the rest of the organization, even further from the customers who actually use the products. Too often, the process of defining and building culture within an organization is left to the human resource department, which leads to a broad and vague understanding; decoupled from the engineers’ experience and preferences.

What are the principles or formulas to tackle this problem to build a talented, well-coordinated, and motivated engineering organization, leading it to accomplish extraordinary things? How do we structure specific roadmaps to deliver and maintain collaboration spirits within the organization as the company grows?

Enjoy the fireside chat with Mr. Thuan Pham, CTO of Coupang (Korea), to learn from his experience and to make better leadership decisions in your own engineering team!