Talent Wanted: Account Manager – Entrepreneur Selection and Growth

September 21,2020

About Endeavor

Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement. Endeavor was founded on the belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs. Launched in 1997, Endeavor has established a presence in nearly 40 markets across Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and underserved areas of Europe and the United States. Today, Endeavor supports nearly 2,000 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 1,200+ companies at the “scale-up” stage, offering them a best-in-class seal of approval, an unrivaled personal and professional network, frictionless co-investment capital, and peer-to-peer idea exchange in a truly global setting. These entrepreneurs include MercadoLibre, a NASDAQ-listed e-commerce technology company valued at over $13B, and six unicorns such as Rappi or Careem. In turn, from this support, these high-impact entrepreneurs have created over 3 million jobs and generated over US$20B in revenue in 2019.

    Roles & Responsibilities

1. Selection of highest potential entrepreneurs

  • Proactively screen for potential entrepreneurs that meet the criteria and profile of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. This search should be conducted through a wide range of sources, network contacts, media, and collaborators.
  • Manage selection process which begins by contacting candidates and potential entrepreneurs, conducting interviews, and coordinating meetings with mentors and selection panels.
  • Gather information in order to develop company reports to be used in selection panels. Items under consideration include the specific business model, growth potential, innovation, financial statements, team, and corporate governance.
  • Prepare and train candidates for the selection panels, ensuring an adequate use and understanding of the selection process. Facilitate selection panel sessions.
  • Collaborate with the Entrepreneur Selection and Growth teams of Endeavor offices globally and regionally, looking to share best practices in the pre and post selection processes in order to guarantee optimal results.
  • Participate in national and international events.

2. Acceleration of entrepreneur impact through Endeavor services

  • Deliver services to chosen entrepreneurs, defining priorities based on their needs and requirements.
  • Continuously monitor companies striving to attain planned services, entrepreneur satisfaction, and entrepreneur engagement to keep them active within the Endeavor network.
  • Support coordination of the mentor network and recruit junior mentors. Manage mentor onboarding experience and mentor communication, with an understanding of mentor usage and the added value they can provide.
  • Coordinate Endeavor Global projects with the New York team, including hosting international professionals to work with Endeavor Entrepreneurs, developing and elaborating Entrepreneur Services guidelines around the world and implementing new programs.
  • Organize and coordinate events and workshops in diverse areas of interest for Endeavor Entrepreneurs.
  • Suggest and develop new services for entrepreneurs and improve the value proposition of services for entrepreneurs.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Strong interest and passion for business, economics, entrepreneurship, and/or international development
  • Two to five years up of relevant work experience in business, consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital, finance, or international development
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to build rapport with others
  • Strong organizational abilities and strong attention to
  • Strength in business areas and an understanding of finance, with an ability to identify and evaluate entrepreneurs, business models, companies, and projects.


  • Dynamic international work environment in a highly qualified team (network of professionals in ~40 markets to meet and collaborate with)
  • Access to scale-up stage high impact entrepreneurs and corporate executives around the world
  • Competitive compensation package aligned with a non-profit organization (base salary + bonus)
  • Extensive development opportunities, including international sabbatical opportunities at 1.5 and 3 years
  • International travel opportunities

Please send your CV to Ms. Lan Anh Nguyen (lan.anhnguyen@endeavor.org) if you are interested in and meet the requirements listed.

Download full JD here.