[Webinar] Smart Fundraising in the New Normal

June 12,2020

As entrepreneurs grapple with uncertainties ahead, issues of accessing capital are particularly top of mind. It is critical to identify new investment terms in the current environment; work with investors who are now more hands-on and involved; negotiate a down round when you have less leverage; and know what you can be doing today to make your company more attractive to investors.

Endeavor Vietnam will host a webinar called “Smart Fundraising in the New Reality” to discuss how global VCs are reacting to the current landscape and define the key factors that entrepreneurs should consider as they readjust their fundraising plans.

9:00 – 10:30 Thursday – June 11 2020

Charles Rim, Founder & CEO – Access Ventures
Tran Hung Huy, Chairman – Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)
Paul DiGiacomo, Senior Managing Director – BDA Partners