Smart Fundraising for Founders

August 22,2019


Join us at Smart Fundraising for Founders!

Created by Endeavor Vietnam, Endeavor Stories is a series of events that disseminate hands-on lessons, best practices, and real stories from top entrepreneurs and experts to a broader community of founders aiming to accelerate their own business. The series will cover a wide range of topics that’ve been keeping founders awake at night. In partnership with ESP Capital, we’re excited to host the 1st talk of the series: “Smart Fundraising for Founders.”

As the rate of startup formation increases and as the VC industry expands to support those new teams, get funding is a never-ending story. It is pain in the neck to raise money for a startup in any industry, whether you’re bootstrapping your business, launching through joining an incubator, or seeking help from a VC or angel investor. In stead of common guidance that’s been rehashed here and there, the talk will untangle the myst of fundraising by telling true stories from people who’ve been through the painful process. Our guest speakers will also point out the most common mistakes that prevent founders from speaking the same language with investors.