Our services

Access to market

Custom Advisory Boards

Quarterly reviews with a customized team of volunteer advisors from the Endeavor Network that provides strategic advice and ongoing feedback on the business and growth challenges.

World-Class Mentors

Connect with local and global mentors who provide one-on-one support, based on the entrepreneur’s goals, needs, and interests. We also assist with facilitating connections to other entrepreneurs and Endeavor partners within the global network (See Endeavor Open). Mentor relationships are continuous and provide entrepreneurs with inspiration and support.

Global Networking Events

Endeavor organizes networking events bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors and investors and encouraging new ideas, synergies, and connections. We also organize industry tours and tailor-made roadshows in various countries. International Selection Panels (ISPs) are also accessible to Endeavor Entrepreneurs and are a great opportunity for networking and exchanging views and ideas with network members.

Endeavor Communities

Community gatherings, in the form of social and learning events, throughout the year bringing entrepreneurs, mentors, board members, and guests together for casual networking and idea sharing. Endeavor Vietnam’ themed learning events enable Endeavor Entrepreneurs to learn from their peers, mentors, board members, regional network members and guest lecturers about specific challenges and topics through workshops and discussions.

Access to Smart Capital

Investor Network

Endeavor Investor Network extends our entrepreneurs’ access to equity capital by connecting leading venture capital and growth equity firms from Endeavor’s operating markets with Endeavor Entrepreneurs through exclusive one-on-one meetings and VC roadshows. By extending the global reach of leading firms, Investor Network helps foster competitive venture ecosystems across Endeavor’s markets.

Mentor Capital Program

Endeavor’s Mentor Capital Program (MCP) connects entrepreneurs pursuing capital with designated mentors focused on the fundraising process. MCP mentors typically have a strong venture capital, banking, or finance background and assist entrepreneurs with honing their strategy and pitch decks. In effect, the MCP helps entrepreneurs improve their overall understanding of the capital raising process—identifying both opportunities and challenges—as they seek to raise smart capital locally, in Silicon Valley or in other international markets.

Endeavor Catalyst

Our rules-based, co-investment fund set up to invest exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies and to sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned way. This is available for Endeavor Entrepreneurs seeking to obtain at least US $5M in funds, where Endeavor acts as a passive investor alongside other prominent investors.

Access to talent

MBA Fellows

Endeavor Entrepreneurs can recruit MBA students from world-class business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT-Sloan, Yale, Columbia, and INSEAD to spend 6-10 weeks over the summer on-site, working on projects related to strategy, operations, financing, marketing and expansion.

MBA Fellows may be part of a structured program such as MIT Sloan – Global Entrepreneur Lab, Harvard Business School FIELD, and Stanford GMIX, which requires teams of students to complete a substantial project with an Endeavor Entrepreneur within a set timeframe.

Harvard and Stanford Executive Education Opportunities

Endeavor partners with Harvard Business School and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business to organize a week of programming focused on leadership, innovation and management training for select groups of high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs. During the two programs, the entrepreneurs stay on campus to engage in a week of guest lectures and discussion groups custom-designed by university faculty. Participants are given access to the world-class resources and expertise of each leading institution while also networking and sharing insights with peers.

Bain & Company Externship Programs

High-performing consultants from offices worldwide work closely with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on a variety of business development and operational projects.

Ernst & Young Vantage Program

EY Vantage Advisors spend 6 weeks on the ground with Endeavor entrepreneurs, leveraging their professional expertise as high-performing employees at EY to support consulting projects. The Advisors help the entrepreneurs’ companies to evaluate technology solutions, improve financial reporting, initiate organizational improvement initiatives and much more.

What criteria should I meet to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur?

Although selection is based on Endeavor criteria, Endeavor considers ‘High-Impact’ candidates from different industries at varying stages in their business life-cycle. The intention is that they should be at an inflection point, where Endeavor can help the entrepreneur reach new levels. An early stage venture may be risky but also show tremendous growth potential, while a successful later-stage company may appear beyond the need for Endeavor resources but provides the strongest role model potential.

Why ‘High-Impact’ entrepreneurs?

We believe that High-Impact Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in creating thriving companies that generate hundreds, even thousands of jobs and millions in wealth for our local ecosystem. Additionally, as they seize opportunities to innovate, they have the power to inspire countless others as leading role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in emerging markets.

High-Impact Entrepreneurs dream of becoming the next great success story, but having launched in emerging countries, face considerable barriers to growth:

– Cost of failure
– Lack of contacts or mentors
– Limited management expertise
– Lack of trust – Lack of role models
– Limited access to smart capital

Endeavor Vietnam helps High-Impact Entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing critical support to overcome these challenges and facilitate entrepreneurial success.

Can Endeavor provide financial assistance?

Endeavor is not a fund. However, through the Endeavor Investor Network, we extend the reach of leading investment firms by providing access to high-growth companies and local investment partners in all of Endeavor’s markets. In addition, Endeavor launched the Endeavor Catalyst – an innovative, passive investment fund that uses donated capital to co-invest alongside qualified lead investors in Endeavor Entrepreneur funding rounds through a neutral, rules-based process.

What happens to Entrepreneurs who participate in the selection process but are not selected?

The selection process is designed to provide candidates with valuable advice at all stages. The panelists – industry experts and mentors – conduct an in-depth analysis of each enterprise and candidates are provided with individual feedback. Additionally, candidates are encouraged to review their businesses in line with the recommendations given to them and are encouraged to re-apply.

When does the program end?

Post ISP-selection, you are officially an Endeavor Entrepreneur “for life.” Endeavor provides you with services that are relevant on an ongoing basis. All official Endeavor Entrepreneurs give back to the community by advancing the cause of entrepreneurship and may also act as mentors for the newly selected entrepreneurs.

I’m a business leader/entrepreneur who wants to be involved with Endeavor. What can I do?

Endeavor relies on donors and a network of business leaders to support and stimulate entrepreneurship. We welcome new mentors who are industry experts, leading executives, academics, and experienced entrepreneurs. Our mentors screen, analyze, and engage with our entrepreneurs. Mentors also gain immense value from their association with Endeavor by having access to a global network of business leaders, potential clients, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the development of Vietnam. Feel free to reach out to us!

What are the roles of Vietnamese mentors?

Be a Role Model

  • Promote an entrepreneurial culture that ties into Endeavor’s model
  • Practice the highest ethical standards and be transparent in all actions

Act as a Mentor for Endeavor Entrepreneurs and candidates

  • Support Endeavor Entrepreneurs and candidates by providing strategic advice to entrepreneurs
  • Promote Entrepreneurship and Endeavor in media interviews and conferences
  • Participate in conferences and other programs designed by Endeavor to reach the wider community
What does Endeavor expect of its Vietnamese mentors?
  • Mentoring – A typical Endeavor Mentor spends an average of 2 to 4 hours/month on mentoring
  • Referrals – We ask that each mentor refers 2 to 3 entrepreneurs every year
Does it cost anything to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur?

To support Endeavor’s sustainability, Endeavor Entrepreneurs pay an annual service fee and reinvest their financial gains, expertise, and time.