Giang Phạm

July 3,2019

Giang currently serves as Co-founder and CXO at Genetica, a biotech company providing genetic testing services powered by AI. Based in San Francisco, Genetica is empowered by scientists from the world’s leading universities, such as UCSF, Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell.

Giang has 10 years plus of experience as a business partner with Vietnamese business founders, CEOs and other senior executives toward solving challenges and capturing opportunities for strengthening and scaling up enterprises.

Giang is the founding member of The Ho Chi Minh City Association for Women Executives & Entrepreneurs (HAWEE). A non-profit community initiative to empower women-led businesses and female leadership.

Giang also serves as a founding member of The Vietnam Innovation for General Education Foundation (VIGE Foundation), a non-profit platform aims at forming public and private partnership to build up teaching and learning competences, in order to sustain collaborative and participatory learning model in public schools.