Mindful Decision Making For Entrepreneurs

November 7,2019

ENDEAVOR STORIES: Mindful Decision Making For Entrepreneurs

Join us at Mindful Decision Making For Entrepreneurs!

As a leader of a company or organization, your real work is to make decisions. 
From big decisions like setting strategic direction for the company, choosing people for the right role, dealing with management team or evaluating next steps of your career to what is the right thing to do in this moment, the value you bring to the table depends on the quality of your decision.
Moreover, the more people depend on you, the more pressure you have and the more you will need to make mindful, conscious decisions.
Given such importance, have you ever reflected on how you make decisions and wonder if there are ways to improve it?
What does it look like to mindfully decide? How do you develop higher consciousness for better result? How do you make decisions that bring in both the practicality of the analytical mind and the creativity of the feeling heart? How do you tell the difference between these two?
At this Mindful Decision Making for Entrepreneurs, our speaker Dr Home Nguyen will share a few important concepts in mindful decision making as well as some of his experiences in his own leadership journey. In particular, you’ll get:
  • Frameworks for understand different levels of consciousness.
  • Practices to explore how we make decisions.
  • Opportunity to apply directly in your own challenge.
If you believe in finding the next steps, not necessarily ultimate conclusions, this workshop will serve you well. 


0 – 30′: Practice, introduction and framing

30 – 50′: Sharing framework for decision making with examples.

50 – 100′: Group exercises to apply & debrief

100 – 120′: Q&A