Truong Cong Thanh

Founder & CEO - Ecomobi

Ecomobi, founded in 2016 by Thanh Truong, is a social selling platform that connects influencers/content creators to brands and e-commerce merchants across Southeast Asia. The platform enables e-commerce sites and brands to sell and advertise their products directly to customers via a chatbot that integrates with influencers’ social media pages, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Line and more. Ecomobi automatically connects merchants to the most relevant influencers, eliminating the need for businesses to verify influencers and enabling them to track and optimize sales. The company will go beyond its core platform offering with the launch of its “Full Service Model” by the end of this year. Instead of just using chatbots to connect fans to third parties, Ecomobi will own and operate online stores branded by KOLs and will generate revenue through sales to fans and other customers.