Nguyen Duc Linh

Cofounder & CEO - Athena Studio

Founded in 2015, Athena Studio is one of the pioneers and top mobile game companies in the ad-based model worldwide, focus on casual games (puzzle genre). With strong data science, marketing, and production teams, Athena Studio merges science and art to create, develop and publish mobile games to entertain and enrich people’s lives.

Featured globally on Google Play in 2019, Woody® Battle is one of the beloved franchises and is being played by millions of people around the globe every day. Up to now, Athena has impressive traction when with 60 developed games, serving more than 10M active users per month with more than 2B hours of playing time for players, 2000TB data process every year, and got into Top 50 Mobile Puzzle and Board Games in the U.S