Endeavor Vietnam Gala Party 2020

January 1,2020


The Giants and The Startups: A New Playground

Technology is leveling the playing field for all players in the business world. Whether you are a conglomerate with diversified businesses in different field, or an industry leader, or a fledgling startup, the good chance is your business model could be disrupted by someone who can best use technology and leverage it to level the playing field. As entrepreneurs build businesses, expand the market, better the products and services, innovation must be at the core of every company’ strategy. In this climate, the big corporations, the giants, are not only investing in startups, but also shaking hands with startups or becoming startups themselves.

At Endeavor Vietnam’s Gala Dinner on January 1, 2020 to celebrate our 1st anniversary since the global network of high impact entrepreneurs started building its Vietnam foothold, we will discuss this exciting, most important topic of our time: How to build and make the best of a new playground for both sides, the giants and the startups? Can the giants think and act like the little ones, and vice versa? How can they work together to build better, impactful businesses? How little ones become giants? How can we become a powerful ecosystem that would help each other to grow, instead of destroying each other?

Endeavor Vietnam, as the network, and the host, will bring together the best minds of both worlds for an impactful and thoughtful networking event, with Endeavor Vietnam Gala Dinner 2020 on January 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.